Java Developer Training for Certified Partners

dotCMS Partner Training

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This course is intended for dotCMS users who have complete knowledge of all dotCMS basic and advanced functions provided by the first two dotCMS courses and are looking to get their hands on the Java dotCMS source code. This course provides an overview of the dotCMS Java APIs and architecture, source control with git merge and revision handling, setting up an Eclipse environment, dotCMS integration as well as Velocity and AJAX programming.

Note: The Content Architect Training is a prerequisite for this training.

The training will be delivered in three sessions, each will take three hours

  • Part 1: Tuesday, Aug 28 | 7-10PM ET
  • Part 2: Wednesday, Aug 29 | 7-10PM ET
  • Part 3: Thursday, Aug 30 | 7-10PM ET

Please note, you only need to sign up once to register for all three sessions.

In this webinar, you'll learn

  • dotCMS Java APIs and architecture
  • Source control with git merge and revision handling
  • Setting up an Eclipse environment
  • And more!