Hybrid CMS

Hybrid CMS get the speed and security of a static site, or the flexibility and personalization of dynamic, or future-proof your content and go headless

Your needs are complicated.
Your CMS shouldn’t be.

Some projects require different publishing options - like static or dynamic - while other projects will excel in a headless environment. With dotCMS Hybrid CMS, you can manage as many (or as few) publishing models as you need.

dotCMS 5.0 is here!

We've built dotCMS 5.0 to be one of the most user-friendly systems in marketplace by giving marketers and business teams more autonomy to create digital experiences through enhanced UI / UX including more drag-and-drop capabilities and a refreshed Edit Mode.

New in dotCMS 5.0

Drag-n-drop Layout Designer

Page & Layout Editor

Layouts are now tied to the page itself, making it easy to make changes to the layout without having to leave the page editor.

Custom Workflow Builder

Workflow Builder

Building on the ‘Four Eyes’ approval feature from dotCMS 4.3, the dotCMS 5.0 Workflow builder allows for multiple workflow schemes per content type.

Custom Content Types

Content Type Builder

Users can now drag and drop from a list of fields to build out content types. Making it easier to add rows, columns, and change the order of fields - especially in forms.

Containers and Modules


A huge improvement to the usability of the platform, containers can be used multiple times on the same page, decreasing the number of templates required and improving the ease of management of these assets.

Custom Reports Content Analytics

Reporting Module

The new reporting module integrates with Google Analytics to give insights into your website data right from the dotCMS dash board.

Additional Resources

Get the inside scoop on the new features and functionalities content editors can expect to find in the dotCMS 5 series.

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Our CTO gives you a sneak peek of the new features and how enterprises can start taking advantage of them today.

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Download to learn what’s new in dotCMS 5.0, including a variety of UI / UX enhancements for marketing and business teams.


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Take a look through our upgrade guide and dotCMS 5.0 release notes to see how you can take advantage of our new content editor features.

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