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Searching For Files

The Content Search page allows users to search for and edit different types of file content. To display the Content Search page, select Content Search in the Content tab.

In the Content Search page, click the Type field in the left sidebar to select the file content type you wish to search for. A folder icon is displayed to the left of file content types in the list; default file content types include Document, File Asset and Video.

To search for files by name, enter your search terms in the Search field in the left panel and press the Search button. Click the Advanced bar at the bottom of the left panel to filter on more fields and file information including Language, Host, Folder, File Name, Title, Description, Category and File Metadata.

See Searching for Content for more information on search fields.

Files matching your search are displayed in the right panel. Left click on an item in the list to edit it. Right click on an item in the list to display a dynamic list of Workflow tasks you may perform on the file. To upload new files, see Adding Files. For more detailed information, please see the Folders and Files documentation.