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Schedule-Enabled Workflow

Workflow steps can be scheduled to run actions at a specific time, enabling easy automation of workflow processes. For example, an action can be executed to assign a task to another user, notify a manager, or escalate to another workflow step if a task has been in the same workflow step for a certain period of time.

Enabling Scheduled Workflow Actions

To enable a scheduled action on a workflow Step:

  1. Open the workflow scheme in the Workflow Scheme manager.
  2. Edit the Workflow Step by clicking the name of the step.
  3. Enable (check) the Schedule Enabled checkbox.
  4. Set the schedule properties for the workflow step.

Workflow Step Properties

The following properties control the behavior of schedule-enabled workflow steps:

Schedule EnabledEnables or disables a scheduled action for this workflow step.
Note: The following two properties will only be displayed if this field is enabled (checked).
Scheduled ActionSelected workflow action to execute when the scheduled time is exceeded.
Scheduled InTime (in seconds) before the action will be executed (after the content enters this workflow step).

System Properties

For schedule-enabled workflows to function, the following two properties must be set in the file:


Note: It is strongly recommended that all changes to the file be made through a properties file extension.

The system will poll workflows at a frequency defined by the setting of the ESCALATION_CHECK_INTERVAL_CRON property. If scheduled workflows are not being used, you may set the ESCALATION_ENABLE property to false or significantly increase the ESCALATION_CHECK_INTERVAL_CRON interval to avoid uneccessary database access.