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This macro will return a list of the logged in user favorites. If the user is not logged in the list will be returned empty.

Macro Overview:



Optional Parameters:

  • showVotes
    Setting showVotes to true triggers display of total number of votes that have been taken on a particular poll question.

  • allowViewResults
    Setting allowViewResults to true displays the %result for each of the answers provided based on the number of votes already taken

  • Usage:


    Example 1: A simple example with all parameters set to true.

    Special Note: Notice that the number 12 below is enclosed in single quotes - this is mandatory. The $questionId variable must be assigned a string value to function properly.

    #set($questionId = "12")
    #set($showVotes = "true")
    #set($allowViewResults = "true")

    This displays one of the polling questions (in this case, question id #12), and shows the total number of votes and the percentage results for each response. Results and number of votes can be turned off by setting the above parameters to "false".