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Page Content in Velocity

dotCMS allows you to create "Page" Content Types.  These Content types inherit from the base type "Page" and as such inherit special attributes and behaviors.

When building a template for use by Pages, you have access to the $dotPageContent Object, which is a variable for the page content object which your users create.  You can use the properties and values of this $dotPageContent object anywhere in your template, containers, .vtls or widgets that make up a page.    By default, all Page Content will have the following properties.  Create your own Page Content Type if you would like to add other properties that a user can manage.

title: Documentation
folder: com.dotmarketing.portlets.folders.model.Folder@8b572fc[name=documentation,sortOrder=0,showOnMenu=false,hostId=bcd97fa4-a4b8-41d3-8a9f-a271ecdd88a9,title=Documentation,filesMasks=,defaultFileType=4b87053a-e40b-48ca-963e-fb0a40ebe614,modDate=2018-06-09 12:36:00.862,iDate=2013-06-17 14:46:50.702,type=folder,,inode=92e0d1bd-06b5-4abd-8ef3-33f4fa19725c,identifier=85f6eb33-22c8-400c-a5cb-d43cf3a1313d]
languageId: 1
inode: 15e48e53-aa2b-4453-b89e-cd97f733bc0f
modDate: 2015-11-12 20:05:29.836
url: /documentation/
cachettl: 0
templateId: c8a266fe-0977-4696-b324-9a304cf34c89
showOnMenu: com.dotcms.rendering.velocity.viewtools.content.CheckboxMap@29b6a2c3[options=[],values=[true],selectedValues=[]]
sortOrder: 0
friendlyname: Documentation
httpsreq: com.dotcms.rendering.velocity.viewtools.content.CheckboxMap@1675167a[options=[],values=[true],selectedValues=[]]
seodescription: dotCMS Open Source Content Management Documentation and user guide for dotCMS Java CMS
seokeywords: dotCMS Documentation site, Java CMS Documentation
pagemetadata: dotCMS
path: /documentation/