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Making your First Template

To ad your first Template to dotCMS, click on Templates from the drop down menu under the “Site Browser” tab.

Next, click on the “+Add Template” button and choose a “Template Designer” Template.  Form information on Advanced Templates, see the Advanced Templates Tutorial.

In the Theme drop down menu, choose an existing theme you'd like to use to help format/style your new Template.  For this tutorial, we are using the “one-pager” theme that comes with the dotCMS demo starter.

After choosing a Theme, use the following options to customize your Template layout:

  1. Sidebar: Add a left or right hand sidebar column at a configurable width percentage
  2. Header or Footer: Use the checkboxes to add the theme's header and/or footer in your Template layout
  3. Body Row Columns: Choose from a variety of Column layout options to layout one or more Container columns

Next click the “+Add Container” button for each of your body columns and add the custom container(s), you have previously created in the Container Tutorial.

Add a Name for your new Template, and click the “Save and Publish” button.  You can now use your new Template to create new dotCMS pages.