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File Configuration

The following configuration properties for files can be found in the file. Changes can be made to the default values of these configuration properties, but should be made using the file in a configuration plugin.

File Size

The maximum size (in bits), of a file that can be uploaded to dotCMS is controlled by the following configuration property in the file:


If the default number is raised higher than 1.25GB, consult your System Administrator to make sure that there will be enough storage space provided in your environment to account for the larger file uploads.

Empty File Handling

By default, dotCMS does not allow zero-byte or “empty” files to be copied/created/uploaded to the system, whether thru the Site Browser, in a push publishing bundle, or via WebDav. If there is an attempted creation/copy/upload of an empty file (and the file is not a language file, or a MetaData/content file), then an exception is thrown. The following configuration property in the file controls the allowance of zero-byte files:


However, the property can be set to true, to allow the addition of empty files.

A warning is always logged when an empty file is found regardless of the value of the configuration property.

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended that empty files are cleaned from the assets folder of your dotCMS installation. This can be done in unix by running:

find $PATH_TO_ASSETS -size 0 -type f -delete