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Creating a Plugin

The easiest way to create a plugin is to copy the hello world plugin from the examples and then edit and remove the files/folders you don't need.

Every plugin needs the build.xml which can directly be copied and left unaltered and the manifest file.

Manifest File

The manifest provides the basic information about your plugin. For example:

Manifest-Version: 1.0 
Plugin-Version: 1
Author: dotCMS
Plugin-Name: Front End Content Submission

The fields are as follows:

Plugin-Name: The user friendly name of the plugin, as opposed to the plugin id.

Author: The author of the plugin.

Plugin-Version: When this files change, the system will try to redeploy the plugin in order to execute any needed upgrade operations.

Deploy-Class.  The deployer class is optional, and provides custom logic to install or upgrade the plugin.  It must  implement com.dotmarketing.plugin.PluginDeployer which has two methods :

* This method will execute the first time the plugin deploys 
* @return 
public boolean deploy(); 
* If the manifest version of the plugin is higher then 
* the current build number of the plugin is higher. 
* @return 
public boolean redeploy(String version);

NOTE: if you do not have a deployer class remove the property from the manifest file.