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Configuring Check External Links Action in a Workflow Scheme

dotCMS provides a workflow action that allows to check the content for any external link inconsistencies. Follow the next steps to configure this action in a workflow scheme. Please note this feature is only available in dotCMS Enterprise Standard or above.

Logged in to the dotCMS Administrative interface as an Administrator click on Content Types → Workflow Schemes. On this screen you will find a list of all the workflow schemes; click on the Default Workflow Scheme to modify it.

In the Workflow Scheme detail page, click on “Add Workflow Action” under the “Initial State” step.

Fill out the fields to add a new workflow action with the following information (leave the rest of the fields with its default values)

Action name: Check External Links
Next step: Content Entry

Click on Save, to save the workflow action and add subactions. From the Sub-action menu select: “Link Checker” and click on “Add Workflow Sub-action”.

This action will be available to be used from the “Edit Content” screen by content editors.