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Asset Storage

File Assets in dotCMS are located in both the database and the filesystem. The metadata for an asset is stored in the database, while the the hard assets (binary images, text, css, etc…) are located on the file system.

Asset Properties

The properties of each content item (e.g. the data in the fields of the item's content type are stored in the dotCMS database. All content items are stored in a single table in the dotCMS database, with the columns of the table holding the values of different fields (properties) based on the Content Type of the item.

Hard Assets Location

Content Types which include file content (including both Pages and File Assets) also have file assets which are saved in the file system based on their inodes. The file assets are saved in a folder in a b-tree format in the assets folder using the inode of the asset as the folder name. For example, a PDF with an inode of 71b8a1ca-37b6-4b6e-a43b-c7482f28db6c would be located in the following location from the root of the dotCMS distribution folder:


Assets Location

Default Assets Location

The default filesystem location for the binary asset files is the asset subdirectory within the dotCMS application folder (/dotserver/tomcat-X.x.xx/webapps/ROOT/assets).

Changing the Path to the Assets Folder

You may change the location where the hard assets are stored by changing the ASSET_REAL_PATH property in the file:


Note: It is strongly recommended that all changes to the file be made through a properties extension file.