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Table of Contents

What's New in dotCMS 3.3

Note: Documentation on prior release versions can be found under the Older Versions documentation section.

  • dotCMS 3.3 includes several new cache features and improvements for Enterprise license customers:
  • dotCMS 3.3 has been upgraded to log4j version 2.
  • Many improvements have been made to Push Publishing and the Integrity Checker, including automatic detection and resolution of many complex inconsistencies without user intervention.
  • Several improvements were made to the Reindexing feature, including improvements to the handling of errors and additional reindexing actions and options.
For more detailed information on changes in dotCMS 3.3, please see the dotCMS Change Log.

What's New in dotCMS 3.2

What's New in dotCMS 3.1

Pages are a new Content Type in dotCMS 3.1.

What's New in dotCMS 3.0